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Will I be notified when an assessment has been passed and can I issue certificates?
Will I be notified when an assessment has been passed and can I issue certificates?

If an assessment is passed, an e-mail is sent automatically. You can use this, for example, to issue certificates manually.

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With the help of certificate notification, selected people can be notified by e-mail about the learning success of users. For assessments, you can be notified when users pass them.

Certificate notifications are also sent when topics are completed. You can find more information in the article Will I be notified when users have completed a topic?

Management of e-mail addresses for certificates

You can find settings for your instance under Manage โž” Instance settings.

You will find the input for certificate e-mail addresses under the item E-mails. Here you can enter email addresses that will receive an automated email when users pass an assessment.

Tip: If you would like to notify several people about completed topics, separate the e-mail addresses with a comma (e.g. ",".

Notification information

When you receive the certificate notification, you will receive all the necessary information about the users and the assessment. The following information is also sent:

  • Nickname of the learner

  • Name of the assessment

  • Number of correct answers

  • Exam result

  • Configured threshold value of the assessment

  • Voucher codes used by the learner

Certificates for assessments

Automatically generated certificates are also possible in ovos play. You can find out more in the article How do I create an assessment?

If the automatically generated certificate is not sufficient or you want to issue additional certificates of success, you can use certificate notification to manually issue a certificate to the user after passing the assessment.

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