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Can I store a unique identifier for users?
Can I store a unique identifier for users?

Users can also be given additional information by administrators, which is only visible in the Admin Dashboard.

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In addition to nicknames and e-mails, users in ovos play can also receive additional information in order to store a unique identifier. You can also work with Voucher Codes for this purpose. In this article, we will show you how to save simple information in the user editor.

To do this, navigate to ManageUsers.

Additional information can be added during the creation of new users or added to existing accounts. When creating new users, you must first save the required attributes such as nickname, email, password and group assignments to display the additional info. For existing or newly saved users, you will then see the Additional Info tab.

Switch to the Additional Info tab and a text input field appears in which you can add all the desired information in any format. The added information can then be searched for in the list of users.

For example, we have saved a UID as additional information for the user account with the nickname "Demo".

Als zusätzliche Info können Sie zum Beispiel einen Unique Identifier speichern.

If we now search for this UID in the list of users, the search result will show the account "Demo".

In der Benutzer*innen-Liste können Sie gezielt nach zusätzlichen Infos suchen.

Storing data in additional info is especially useful if email addresses are optional and the nickname can be edited by users in the app. (These options can be configured if required, please contact your ovos contact person).

Note: Additional information can only be seen by administrators and does not appear in the app. You can also limit the visibility of certain users by using groups. For more information, see the article How do I group multiple users?

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