How do I create new users?

Als Administrator*in sind Sie berechtigt neue Benutzer*innen anzulegenn und ihnen Rollen und Gruppen zuzuweisen.

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Create new users

To create new users, navigate to Administer Users in the Admin Dashboard.

On this page you will see a list of all users who have already been created. You can create new users at any time using the Add user button.

When you create new users, you must at least assign a nickname and a password. A group assignment is also required. The default group is assigned during creation; you can change this as required.

The username serves as the login name for users and is displayed within the application for all to see. Users can change their nickname in the app at any time.

Tip: If this is not desired, you can also deactivate the name change for your instance.

The email allows users to reset their own password and also informs them about possible account deletions due to inactivity.

Ask new users to change their password

The "Force password change" checkbox automatically prompts you to change your password the first time you log in. We recommend that you always activate the mandatory password change for new users.

App-Ansicht beim erforderlichen Ändern des Passworts.

Assignment to groups

You can add users to groups when creating them. Groups are there to logically group several users and assign content to them or send certain posts. You can select one or more groups for new users.

Group assignment means that users are automatically assigned the content packages that you have defined for the group. Each user can also be assigned individual content packages, which make additional content packages visible only to this user.

Tip: You can use individual content packages for authors who create test content, for example.

Assign an expiration date

If you create users - for example for demo access - you can also add an expiration date to them. The users will be set to inactive on the selected date. They are automatically logged out and can no longer log in to the app. The expiration date can only be extended with a voucher code.

If you leave the expiration date blank, the users' accounts will not expire.

Additional settings

If you have saved new users, you can assign a role or add additional information. Use the tabs of the same name to assign this information.

To assign a role, switch to the Roles tab. Here you can assign one or more roles by clicking on the desired roles. The Learner role is assigned by default. This role only has access to the app and its content.

You can find more information about reels in the article: What roles are there in ovos play?

If you would like to save information on new users, use the Additional info tab. Additional information can only be read via the administration interface and is not visible in the app.

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