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What can I find in the menu bar of the Admin Dashboard?
What can I find in the menu bar of the Admin Dashboard?

In this article, we explain where to find what in the Admin Dashboard.

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The menu in the Admin Dashboard can be used both when expanded and when collapsed to save space. On mobile devices, you can expand the menu to navigate through the pages.

Das neue Menü in aus- und eingeklappter Form und der mobilen Ansicht.


In the "Create" area, you can find and create all content elements of the library, the glossary and also static pages. This area is mainly relevant for authors.

The "Create" menu item.

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All communication features are included in the "Communicate" area: News and notifications. This area is also primarily intended for authors.

The "Communicate" menu item with all menu items.

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In the "Training" area, you will find the ovos play Live feature if it is enabled for your instance. The menu therefore contains the presentations and the session manager. This area can be used by authors to create presentations or by live teachers to start live sessions.

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In the "Manage" area, you will find the administration of users, content packages and groups. You can also manage the menu, score lists, voucher codes and the shop module here if the modules are activated for your instance. The menu items in this area are mainly for administrators.

The "Manage" menu item.

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The "Analyse" section contains all statistical analyses, including the trainer dashboard. The Trainer or Analyst role can access this.

The "Analyse" menu item.

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Custom Pages

Under the menu item "Custom Pages" you will find all static pages that you have configured to be visible in the Admin Dashboard. Here you can, for example, display the legal notice, privacy policy or individual links for all authors or administrators.

Individual pages in the admin dashboard.

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Useful links

At the bottom of the new menu is a link to our knowledgebase and the link to the web app.

Useful links in the Admin Dashboard menu.

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